River City Girl’s Sequel Adds Online, Pumps Up Anime, Wrestling

The girls (and boys) are back. Image: way forward As an otaku, wrestling mark, and a gamer, my disparate interests rarely align neatly into one medium. While I’ve seen games, wrestlersand anime cheekily reference one another, the overlap usually ends there without fully committing to crafting the perfect gumbo chock full of the high-octane action … Read more

Elden Ring Player Relentlessly Pummels Malenia Until DLC Drops

“I won’t be defeated so easily.” Malenia, probably.screenshot: FromSoftware / JPNBusinessman Elden Ring is gigantic. The Lands Between is full of stuff to see, like cut content that reveals entire quest lines gold some of the best drip around. Yet still, a vocal set of players can’t stop clamoring for a little bit of that … Read more

Smash Bros. Ultimate Shaken Up By Its Own Wave – Dashing Moment

screenshot: nintendo Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fans are obsessed with ranking the game’s extensive, crossover cast of video game characters in tier lists. Tier lists constantly change to reflect alterations to the game’s meta, caused by balance updates released by Nintendo, but also players finding new techniques. Tea Smash community recently found a new technique … Read more

Fake Bloodborne Remastered News Duped Hardcore FromSoft Fans

screenshot: FromSoftware If you spent any time on the internet this weekend, you might’ve seen some news about Bloodborne Remastered coming to PC and PS5 this August. The announcement came from what appeared to be a widely known entertainment and gaming news account by someone named nibellionwho has been on Twitter since at least May … Read more