River City Girl’s Sequel Adds Online, Pumps Up Anime, Wrestling

The girls (and boys) are back. Image: way forward As an otaku, wrestling mark, and a gamer, my disparate interests rarely align neatly into one medium. While I’ve seen games, wrestlersand anime cheekily reference one another, the overlap usually ends there without fully committing to crafting the perfect gumbo chock full of the high-octane action … Read more

Google Maps to Cut Location Reminders Assistant Feature

Photo: justin sullivan (Getty Images) “Okay Google… Set a reminder to remind me to remind you to stop your location reminder feature.” “…Done.” Thanks, Google. Well, if you go to the Google Assistant Help page, it now says that the ability to create reminders on the app “is going away soon.” Additionally, the ability to … Read more

Google Killing Duo, Rolling its Features into Meet

Duo will become Google Meet. Photo: Florence Ion / Gizmodo I get annoyed by all the jokes people make about Google killing things willy-nilly. I think that’s because I’m so deep into the ecosystem that these kinds of changes usually directly affect me. Google’s latest assassination target is Duo, which is now being combined with … Read more

Retro Game Collector Accused Of Selling $100k Worth Of Fakes

Photo: BBPCGC The retro PC game collecting scene was rocked by an unexpected scandal last week when a prominent member of the community, who was also a moderator of a major Facebook group, was accused of selling people fake copies of classic games. Enrico Ricciardi, who for years has been an active member of the … Read more

Steam Deck Update Lowers The Fan Noise—But At A Cost

Image: Valve / Kotaku Today, Valve released a highly-anticipated update to its portable PC. SteamOS 3.2 brings a lot of fun changes to both the operating system and the Steam client itself, enabling Remote Play Together, tweaks to some visual and UI elements, and the ability to change the screen’s refresh rate The updates to … Read more