Two Time Crystals Have Been Successfully Linked Together For The First Time

Physicists have just taken an amazing step towards quantum devices that sound like something out of science fiction. For the first time, isolated groups of particles behaving like weird states of matter known as time crystals have been linked into a single, evolving system that could be incredibly useful in quantum computing. Following the first … Read more

Creepy Optical Illusion Makes It Look Like a Black Hole Is Coming to Get You

A new optical illusion can trick most of us into perceiving an expanding black holenew research reports. The image is completely static, but researchers say it gives people “a growing sense of darkness, as if entering a space voided of light”. The illusory forward motion is probably our mind’s way of preparing us for a … Read more

Interstellar Travel Could Be Possible Even Without Spaceships, Scientist Says

In about 5 billion years, the Sun will leave the main sequence and become a red giant. It’ll expand and transform into a glowering, malevolent ball and consume and destroy Mercury, VenusEarth, and probably March. Can humanity survive the Sun’s red giant phase? Extraterrestrial Civilizations (ETCs) may have already faced this existential threat. Could they … Read more

Staying ‘Conscious’ Under Anesthesia May Be Much More Common Than We Realized

General anesthesia is a marvelous thing, knocking us out and blocking our sense of pain in a matter of seconds before surgery. But in rare cases, some people are responsive to their surrounds under general anesthesia, yet they cannot remember what happened afterwards. This is called ‘connected consciousness‘, and now the largest study of its … Read more

Unusual Pulse Detected in The Sky May Be a Completely New Class of Stellar Object

The discovery of a neutron star emitting unusual radio signals is rewriting our understanding of these unique star systems. My colleagues and I (the MeerTRAP team) made the discovery when observing the Vela-X 1 region of the Milky Way about 1,300 light-years away from Earth, using the MeerKAT radio telescope in South Africa. We spotted … Read more

The Human Heart Can Repair Itself, And We Now Know Which Cells Are Crucial For It

Our bodies are pretty ingenious when it comes to self-repair, and scientists have been studying in detail the ways in which the heart patches itself up after a heart attack (myocardial infarction). They hope to find clues that could lead to better treatments for cardiovascular problems. New research has revealed that the immune response of … Read more

The Source of The World’s Most Active Volcano Might Finally Be Pinpointed

The Kīlauea volcano in Hawaii is said to be the world’s most active volcano, and yet we still don’t really know how it was born. New research suggests the original womb of magma lies more than 90 kilometers beneath the hotspot. While previous studies have found two shallow chambers of magma beneath Kīlauea, they weren’t … Read more

A New Quantum Technique Could Change How We Study The Universe

There’s a revolution underway in astronomy. In fact, you might say there are several. In the past ten years, exoplanet studies have advanced considerably, gravitational wave astronomy has emerged as a new field, and the first images of supermassive black holes (SMBHs) have been captured. A related field, interferometry, has also incredibly advanced thanks to … Read more

Scientists Use CRISPR to Seriously Boost Tomatoes’ Vitamin D Levels

By making a few genetic tweaks using CRISPR technology, scientists have designed a special sun-dried tomato packed to the leaves with vitamin D. The flesh and peel of the fruit were genetically engineered to contain the same vitamin D levels as two eggs or 28 grams of tuna, both of which are currently recommended sources … Read more

Biologists May Have Solved a 30-Year-Old Mystery on Why Touch Stresses Plants Out

Scientists have long-known that touching plants can set off a stress reaction in them – but until now it hasn’t been exactly clear how that worked at a molecular level, something that a new study hopes to shed light on. The researchers behind the study have identified certain genetic keys inside plants that lead to … Read more