River City Girl’s Sequel Adds Online, Pumps Up Anime, Wrestling

The girls (and boys) are back. Image: way forward As an otaku, wrestling mark, and a gamer, my disparate interests rarely align neatly into one medium. While I’ve seen games, wrestlersand anime cheekily reference one another, the overlap usually ends there without fully committing to crafting the perfect gumbo chock full of the high-octane action … Read more

Smash Bros. Ultimate Shaken Up By Its Own Wave – Dashing Moment

screenshot: nintendo Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fans are obsessed with ranking the game’s extensive, crossover cast of video game characters in tier lists. Tier lists constantly change to reflect alterations to the game’s meta, caused by balance updates released by Nintendo, but also players finding new techniques. Tea Smash community recently found a new technique … Read more

YouTuber Receives Over 500 Copyright Claims For Nintendo Music

Image: nintendo Deoxys Prime, who runs a YouTube account with 165,000 subscribers that is home to all kinds of video game soundtrackshas had to remove their entire library of Nintendo music after receiving over 500 copyright claims from the trigger-happy company. They weren’t hosting uploads of commercially-available albums; rather, like the rest of their channel … Read more

You Can Get a Free Replacement for Your Cloud Cam

Let’s start with some bad news: Amazon is discontinuing Cloud Cam support this year. The company launched the proprietary security camera system in 2017, but after only five years on the market, is closing down shop for good. The good news is you won’t be left without a security camera option, since Amazon is offering … Read more