Smash Bros. Ultimate Shaken Up By Its Own Wave – Dashing Moment

screenshot: nintendo Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fans are obsessed with ranking the game’s extensive, crossover cast of video game characters in tier lists. Tier lists constantly change to reflect alterations to the game’s meta, caused by balance updates released by Nintendo, but also players finding new techniques. Tea Smash community recently found a new technique … Read more

Google Maps to Cut Location Reminders Assistant Feature

Photo: justin sullivan (Getty Images) “Okay Google… Set a reminder to remind me to remind you to stop your location reminder feature.” “…Done.” Thanks, Google. Well, if you go to the Google Assistant Help page, it now says that the ability to create reminders on the app “is going away soon.” Additionally, the ability to … Read more

Google Killing Duo, Rolling its Features into Meet

Duo will become Google Meet. Photo: Florence Ion / Gizmodo I get annoyed by all the jokes people make about Google killing things willy-nilly. I think that’s because I’m so deep into the ecosystem that these kinds of changes usually directly affect me. Google’s latest assassination target is Duo, which is now being combined with … Read more

iPhone 14 Performance Upgrade Expected Be Minimal

iPhone 13Photo: Caitlin McGarry/Gizmodo When revealing a new product, Apple often spends time talking about how much faster it is than the previous model and how favorably it stacks up against the competition. Claims like “the Macbook Air is faster than 98% of PC laptops,” make headlines, whether they’re accurate or not. It’s an effective … Read more

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 Full Specs Sheet Leaks

From the way the leaks are churning, the Galaxy Z Fold 4 might not be too much different from the Galaxy Z Fold 3 (pictured here.) Photo: Sam Rutherford / Gizmodo Samsung is due to have a big mobile event in just a few months. Nothing has been announced yet, but with the rumor mill … Read more

Retro Game Collector Accused Of Selling $100k Worth Of Fakes

Photo: BBPCGC The retro PC game collecting scene was rocked by an unexpected scandal last week when a prominent member of the community, who was also a moderator of a major Facebook group, was accused of selling people fake copies of classic games. Enrico Ricciardi, who for years has been an active member of the … Read more

You Can Get a Free Replacement for Your Cloud Cam

Let’s start with some bad news: Amazon is discontinuing Cloud Cam support this year. The company launched the proprietary security camera system in 2017, but after only five years on the market, is closing down shop for good. The good news is you won’t be left without a security camera option, since Amazon is offering … Read more

PS5 Pro And Next Xbox Series X/S: The Rumors, Explained

Photo: Diego Thomazini (Shutterstock) It feels like the current console generation is just getting started, and yet, a corner of the internet spent a good part of this week obsessing over the next iteration, the presumed mid-generation hardware refreshes for Sony’s PlayStation 5 and Microsoft’s Xbox Series X/S. The commotion is all thanks to an … Read more

Super-Absorbent Gel Pulls Fresh Water Out of Thin Air

As the world becomes increasingly hot, fresh and clean water is an increasingly hot commodity. Agricultural demand, climate change, pollution, and other factors are converging to make water scarcity a problem in the present, and it’s likely to get worse in the future. So, how do we manage it? One group of scientists has a … Read more

Steam Deck Update Lowers The Fan Noise—But At A Cost

Image: Valve / Kotaku Today, Valve released a highly-anticipated update to its portable PC. SteamOS 3.2 brings a lot of fun changes to both the operating system and the Steam client itself, enabling Remote Play Together, tweaks to some visual and UI elements, and the ability to change the screen’s refresh rate The updates to … Read more