First Images From NASA’s Webb Space Telescope

NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope. Credit: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center and Northrup Grumman These first images from the James Webb Space Telescope will mark the beginning of Webb’s science operations, in which excited astronomers will have the opportunity to use Webb to explore the early universe,[{” attribute=””>exoplanet atmospheres, star birth and death, and the … Read more

Faint radio glow thousands of light-years wide discovered around closest quasar

A new technique for studying some of the brightest objects in the universe has thrown a curveball into scientists’ understanding of the link between active monster black holes and the suppression of star formation. Quasars are the ultraluminous cores of galaxies that contain extremely active super massive black holes. A quasar’s intense radiation originates from … Read more

Two Time Crystals Have Been Successfully Linked Together For The First Time

Physicists have just taken an amazing step towards quantum devices that sound like something out of science fiction. For the first time, isolated groups of particles behaving like weird states of matter known as time crystals have been linked into a single, evolving system that could be incredibly useful in quantum computing. Following the first … Read more

NASA selects Axiom Space and Collins Aerospace for spacesuit contracts

Updated 7 p.m. Eastern with additional contract details. WASHINGTON — NASA awarded contracts to Axiom Space and Collins Aerospace to provide spacesuits for International Space Station spacewalks and Artemis moonwalks, although neither the agency nor the winning companies offered many technical or financial details. NASA announced June 1 it selected the two companies for Exploration … Read more

How the Multiverse could break the scientific method

Today let’s take a walk on the wild side and assume, for the sake of argument, that our Universe is not the only one that exists. Let’s consider that there are many other universes, possibly infinitely many. The totality of these universes, including our own, is what cosmologists call the Multiverse. It sounds more like … Read more

Time-reversal asymmetry surpasses conversion efficiency limit for solar cells

Unlike a multiphotovoltaic cell system where the emitted light is absorbed by a subsequent cell (left), the single cell nonreciprocal photovoltaic converter proposed by Sergeev and Sablon (right) causes emitted light is re-absorbed by the same cell, limiting emission losses without the need for additional PV cells. Credit: Sergeev and Sablon, Journal of Photonics for … Read more

Time Crystals “Impossible” goal Obey Quantum Physics

In a new experiment, scientists created two time crystals inside the superfluid, and brought them to touch. Time crystals were long believed to be impossible because their perpetual motion would seem to defy the laws of physics. However, using quantum physics scientists have not only created time crystals, but they have also now shown that … Read more