Live: Coronavirus daily news updates, June 2: What to know today about COVID-19 in the Seattle area, Washington state and the world

The US will experience “a lot of unnecessary loss of life“Unless Congress provides billions more dollars for COVID-19 vaccines, testing and treatments in preparation for the pandemic’s next wave, the Biden administration said. Meanwhile, COVID-19 infections reportedly surged in South Africa despite research that suggests 98% of the population had antibodies. We’re updating this page … Read more

I was diagnosed with terminal cancer while giving birth — after I was labeled hypochondriac

A new mom claims she discovered she had terminal cancer while giving birth via cesarean section — when doctors discovered tumors in her ovaries, lymph nodes and abdomen lining. Lois Walker, 37, alleges that her shocking diagnosis came after experts dismissed her ongoing symptoms as “anxiety,” calling her a “hypochondriac.” The new mom from the … Read more

What Are HeLa Cells? A Cancer Biologist Explains The Controversy That Cannot Die

In an amazing twist of fate, the aggressive cervical cancer tumor that killed Henrietta Lacksa 31-year old African American mother, became an essential tool that helped the biomedical field flourish in the 20th century. As has cancer researcher who uses HeLa cells in my everyday work, even I sometimes find it hard to believe. Lacks’ … Read more

What you need to know about the diagnosis

Patients who come to the emergency department with abdominal pain often get an ultrasound as part of their diagnostic workup – especially if the bread is localized to the right upper abdomen. This is done to evaluate for emergency causes of the pain, particularly if the source is related to the liver or gall bladder. … Read more